Wordy Wednesday: Get Your Gobble On!

Happy Wednesday, friends! This week, we bring you a collection of Thanksgiving-themed pictures from around the web to spark language with your little ones in the upcoming holiday week. Like our recent Story Time post, these pictures lend themselves to language work at multiple levels. Work on receptive and expressive vocabulary. Ask the child to point to items as you name them (receptive language), or have him name objects in a scene (expressive). Use some of the tricky letter sounds that surround Thanksgiving to work on articulation. (Turkey can be such a troublesome word!)


At the discourse or pragmatic level, these pictures can be used to generate stories. Have the child describe scenes in detail, making sure to provide the story essentials: who is there, what are they doing, where are they, when is this taking place, why might this be happening? Ask the child to relate some of these pictures to her own family Thanksgiving celebrations, or have her tell you the history of Thanksgiving. For more advanced kids, you might have them do a bit of research on Thanksgiving traditions and rituals online, then tell you what they learned. Humor is another higher-order language skill that can be difficult to teach or explain. Some of these pictures are subtly silly (and some are not so subtle). If your kiddo finds one of these pictures amusing, have her explain why it’s funny. Sometimes, the humor comes from word play, other times from more slapstick or physical silliness.

Since we love activities that work on multiple skills at once while injecting some fun, you

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD images one per page.

can use these pictures to sneak in some fine motor work alongside your language and cognitive tasks. Have your child write a story about one of the pictures or draw his own version of a scene.

From the Growing Kids family to yours, have a wonderfully Wordy Wednesday, and a safe and happy Thanksgiving! ~Elizabeth and Melanie


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