Wordy Wednesday: Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Happy Wednesday, friends, and happy Halloween! In honor of the recent Frankenstorm that has plagued the East Coast, this week’s words are all about weather!

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Practice receptive vocabulary by having the child point to (or hand you) the picture for cloudytornado, etc. as you ask for them. Or have the child label the picture (either out loud or in writing) to work on expressive language.

Talking about the weather can also be a good way to tap into higher order cognitive skills. You might work on cognitive schemas (sometimes called situational scripts or routines). If the child can label rainy, for example, what can he tell you about rainy days?

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What do you wear? What are some things you do on rainy days?  Some scientists believe that the human brain processes certain types of information using some stored representations, or schemas. You can probably, for example, readily recite some typical accessories and activities associated with rainy days. If you have some mental template for how rainy days usually go, then you don’t have to carefully scrutinize every minute detail about this particular rainy day to have a good idea of how it will go.

Some of our kiddos are very fond of the ‘What’s the Weather?’ song. (For those of you unacquainted, I tried but YouTube doesn’t have the version we use…) One younger client and I have made it into part of our therapy routine: we sing the song together then run to the window to assess the

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weather outside. This is usually followed up with a song (spontaneously offered by the client) about that day’s weather conditions: Mr. Sun, You are my Sunshine, Itsy Bitsy Spider (if it’s raining). Sing weather songs of your own, and use this week’s pictures to illustrate!

Let us know how you use our Wordy Wednesdays! ~Elizabeth and Melanie


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