Wordy Wednesday: Falling into Autumn

Happy Wednesday, dear readers! As I scraped the ice off my windshield this morning before embarking on my commute (brrrr!), I looked around at all the beautiful colors and decided it was high time to feature this wonderful season in a Wordy Wednesday post before it turns into winter. So we’ve gathered up a set of fall’s finest words to share with you!

As always, you can use our pictures to work on receptive and expressive vocabulary. Present a few images and ask “Where is the pumpkin?” (receptive), or show a single image and have the child label it (expressive). Practice spelling and writing the words with more advanced kiddos.

We’ve included several fall holidays, some of which are pretty familiar to most children and some of which may not be as well known. Use these holiday images to spark discussion, which may require a little research, about cultural practices. Why do we celebrate the holidays we do? What is the history and significance behind them? Why aren’t holidays the same all over the world? 

These pictures can also serve as a springboard to work on conceptual relationships by playing one of our favorite (as-yet unnamed) therapy games. We choose a target word (in the picture below fall, but you could use any of these pictures as a target for this game), then set a timer and write down as many related words as we can think of
in a set amount of time. Then we discuss the words each of us has written. Points are
assigned based on relatedness to the target word, with very closely associated words (essential to the definition of the target) earning 3 points and words that are completely out in left field (aka YIKES!) earning 0 points. I’m sharing the target we use for scoring here, but keep an eye out for an updated version (inspired by one of my young friends).

Wishing you a thoroughly Wordy Wednesday! ~ Elizabeth and Melanie


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