Wordy Wednesday: A-B-Coloring

This week’s Wordy Wednesday brings together two of our favorite things: crayons and letters! Our set of ABC coloring pages is perfect for bringing a little bit of activity into your language practice, or for bringing some language into a fun fine motor activity.

CLICK to download an alphabet full of coloring pages!

With the littlest of linguists, you can work on expressive language:  ask the child to identify crayon colors, to label each picture before coloring, etc. Coloring is excellent fine motor work and an important precursor to learning to write. We deliberately selected fairly simple images for this set to make it easier for those with less developed fine motor skills. If your child is struggling to color in the lines, try this simple trick: outline the edges of each image with Elmer’s white glue and let dry for several hours. Then the image has a clear raised line that can act as a physical barrier to help keep those crayons in the lines!

Learning to recognize letters and the sounds they make is an essential step in learning to read. Practice phoneme-grapheme awareness (identifying the letters and the sounds they make) as you go along. We’ve included both uppercase and lowercase letters together along with lowercase letters alone, because we’ve noticed that some of our young clients have trouble with the lowercase alphabet.  

Coloring can also be a good activity for sneaking in some bonus pragmatic language work. We like to allow the kiddos only one crayon at a time when we’re working in structured activities. When the child is ready for a different color, she needs to make a verbal request to get the desired color. In addition, we often involve a client’s siblings during home-based therapy sessions, and coloring offers a semi-structured activity for this group time. It’s a great opportunity to foster turn-taking and sharing, and it can also be a good chance to encourage the children to have a conversation about what they’re doing. 

For more advanced children, you might use the coloring pages as a springboard for more language activity. Have children begin by coloring the item pictured, then practice writing and spelling as they come up with additional items that start with the same letter.

We hope you’ll tell us how you put our Wordy Wednesdays to use. And if there is something you’d like to see featured in a future post, be sure to let us know!

Wishing you all a wonderfully Wordy Wednesday! ~Melanie and Elizabeth


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