Pirate-y Fun for the Tech Savvy Pirate!

I love pirates so much that sometimes I dress like a pirate and cook dinner for me hearties!  Ok, well – mostly I do that on Halloween….but you never know what to expect from dinner at my house!  What you can expect in speech therapy is plenty of pirate fun! In celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day (be sure to take a gander at their education links), I thought I would share some of my pirate bounty with me mateys. Why the obsession with pirates? Kids love those bad boys of the high seas, anything pirate-y is great for articulation practice (check out our pirate ideas for /r/) and language! Today I will focus on some of my favorite pirate apps for language development.

Take Fat Cat Pirate Chat for a spin. This nifty little app allows you to create pirate sentences to speak out loud, text, IM, email and tweet (for the most modern of pirates!).  A bounty of pragmatic practice and high seas hijinx! Practice turn-taking and having conversations pirate style. A nice feature of this app is that it allows you to add a pirate verbal equivalent of a head nod or shake. For example, when you might nod your head in agreement during conversation, tap the head nodding icon and to hear “yarrr” or “handsomely done!” Try translating your pirate speak back into English!  Since not all pirate talk is fit for wee scallawags a set of parental controls allows you scrub the decks of all inappropriate content. As an added bonus, proceeds from Fat Cat Pirate Chat fund the research and development for augmentative communication.

Penelope the Purple Pirate is a very cute story interactive app that your little lads and lassies will be sure to enjoy. Join this purple lovin’ pirate as she and her sea creature friends search for hidden treasures. This app provides nice opportunities to practice following directions (have your child point to the pictures you name) and answer questions (“What is Penelope doing?”  “Where is Penelope?”).  I love that this app includes a parent/teacher guide with comprehension questions, suggestions for activities and fun facts about octopi (did you know they have three hearts???), dolphins and sea turtles!

Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure turns your child into the author and illustrator of the story! The app provides story prompts and your artistic pirate provides the art. Once your mateys have completed their masterpiece, click to see the drawings spring to life. Send your finished masterpiece via email to share with loved ones. This is a motherlode of language opportunity – unchartered sentence practice, story development and imagination! This app is sure to capture your little pirate’s interest!

Just can’t get enough pirate fun?  Me either!  Visit our PIRATE BOARD on Pinterest for even more pirate activities – snacks, printables, activities and more!  Tomorrow, me First Mate Melanie and I will share a couple of our favorite pirate games with you!  Yo Ho Ho!!! ~Pirate Sprinkles (aka Elizabeth)


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