Wordy Wednesday: School Days!

We’re gearing up for back-to-school time around here (our sympathies to those who’ve already been back in the game for nearly a month!), so we thought a Wordy Wednesday all about school days was in order! We’ve scoured the web and wracked our brains to come up with a list of back-to-school vocabulary: school supplies, academic subjects, people, places, and things all related to learning! Just how can you put these images to work?

CLICK THE PICTURE to download single images without words, perfect for practicing expressive language!

Use them to expand vocabulary!

  • To practice receptive language (or comprehension), present four images at a time (either in the 4-on-a-page format or as printed flashcards) and speak the name of one of the images. Have the child point to the item you name.
  • To work on expressive language (or production), show the images one at a time and have the child tell you the name of the item.
  • With more verbal children, have them describe how the image fits into their own school routines. (“It’s a backpack. My backpack is blue and green.” “A teacher. My teacher’s name is Ms. Brown.”)

CLICK THE IMAGE to download 4-per-page images without words, designed for receptive language practice!

Practice reading and writing skills.

CLICK THE PICTURE to download single images WITH words, great for working on reading!

While reading and writing are incredibly important communication skills for anyone, they can be absolutely critical for children with speech difficulties.

  • With pre-readers, work on phoneme-grapheme (sound-to-letter) correspondence. After the child identifies the object (for example, a pencil), ask them to repeat just the first sound (“puh”) and tell you which letter makes that sound. (“Letter P says ‘puh’! ‘Pencil’ starts with P!”)
  • Beginning readers might enjoy practicing sounding out and reading words. Using the images WITH words, cover the picture portion so that only the word is showing. Have the child read aloud the printed word, then uncover the picture so they can see the match between written word and image.
  • To work on spelling, show images one at a time, WITHOUT printed words, and have the child write the name of the object. A bonus: handwriting is a GREAT fine motor workout!

Enhance pragmatic language skills.

CLICK THE IMAGE to download flashcards, good for unplugged learning and for playing ‘WHAT GOES TOGETHER?’

  • One of my favorite therapy games is something we call “What Goes Together?” Some of our pictures this week will lend themselves nicely to this game. First, print and cut out the flashcards. (I’ve included a list of possible pairs, but it’s clear that some items could go with more than one thing.) Show one item in the pair (e.g. pencil) and ask the child to find what goes with pencil (e.g. eraser). For bonus points, have them tell you why the items go together.

We know our creative readers will come up with other ways to use this week’s Wordy Wednesday cards. Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Happy Wednesday!

~Melanie and Elizabeth


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