Wordy Wednesday: Gold Medal Vocabulary!

Welcome to a new feature on the Growing Kids Therapy blog: Wordy Wednesday!! Each week, we’ll choose a theme and scour the web to come up with a collection of images related to that theme. Then we’ll share our treasure trove of pictures with you, with some ideas about how to use them to facilitate language! This week’s Wordy Wednesday theme is the Olympics. We’ve gathered a series of images depicting many of the sports featured in this summer’s Olympic games in London, as well as other Olympic vocabulary. We’re using this set of pictures in our Roots and Wings Inclusive Yogaclasses to talk about how athletes use their bodies in the different events. Here are some ideas for using Wordy Wednesdays at home or in your practice!

  • Practice receptive and expressive vocabulary. For receptive practice, show a page with four items and ask child to point to items as you name them. To practice expressive language, show a page with one item and ask child to name the item.
  • Work on reading and sounding out unfamiliar less familiar words.
  • Focus on verbs and sentence structures: The divers are diving. The horse is jumping.
  • With older children, use the images to spark discussions on topics like sportsmanship, rules to the games, or history of the Olympics.

We’ve given you the pictures three ways:

  1. One image per page with written label, ideal for learning vocabulary or practicing reading
  2. Four images per page without words, optimal for receptive language practice (“Which one is diving?”)
  3. One image at a time without any written label, good for expressive language practice (ask the child “What is this?” and have him/her produce the answer)

Each link is a .pdf file that you can download to your computer, phone or iPad. You can print them out to share or use them directly on your device. (We’re using an iPad to show these images as we work with clients.) Let us know in the comments how you use this week’s Wordy Wednesday pictures! (And since we’re just getting started on this, please let us know any suggestions you have for ways we can improve this feature or any themes you’d like to see.) Up next week: a Wordy Wednesday all about the /r/ sound! ~Melanie


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