Plant a kiss….

Summer time is the perfect time to take your speech and language practice outside! Here is a fun activity featuring Plant a Kiss, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I discovered this book and wrote about it for Valentine’s Day.  It is one of those books that transcends age – written simply enough for a toddler with layers of meaning  fully appreciated by adults. Rather than give you a summary, click on the picture for a video peek! The only thing more enjoyable than reading the book is planting a kiss yourself! Here is how I planted a kiss with the help of my little niece and nephew.


  • Small pots (bonus if you paint and decorate them yourselves!)
  • Potting soil
  • Seeds of your choice
  • Spanish moss (optional)
  • Hershey kisses (if you want to get fancy, insert your own message)
  • popsicle or craft stick and paper to make a sign


Assemble the pots, dirt, seeds, moss, helpers and coffee (optional but recommended).

Fill pots with dirt!  Messy fun!

Plant the seed!

Add the spanish moss.


Top with a kiss and a sign!

Now PLAY!!!!

This is the perfect sequencing activity. If you like, use our pictures to order your project.  Have your child put the pictures in order. Follow each step, being sure to talk about what you are doing (tons of verb practice here)! We gave our planted kisses out to family members and friends. Now our love is growing and blooming in their yards!

Growing Kids wants to share our love and a copy of Plant a Kiss with you! Enter our Plant a Kiss Give Away! Each time you like, share, comment on our blog or Facebook page, your name will be entered into a drawing. Become a new blog follower or Facebook fan and you will be entered twice! One name will be chosen by random selection July 28, 2012 at 11:59pm.


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