Right to the Point! Pinterest!

Let me tell you about my newest obsession…Pinterest! Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board and the latest (and I think) greatest social media platforms. All the cool kids are using it – so in typical form, I am late to the scene. (I have always hovered somewhere on the fringe of cool).

Here is how it works! Go to Pinterest and enter ANYTHING that remotely interests you into the search bar and you will magically find all kinds of “pins” of pictures related to your interest. Click on a picture to find more information about that subject (usually this will take you to a website with all the nitty gritty on the therapy ideas/recipes/autism/travel/child development/you-name-it, that you want to know)! See something you like?  Comment on it, “like” it or repin it to your page. If you find someone with pins you enjoy, “follow” them and their pins will appear on your home page!  This is what a pin looks like.

When you find a nifty pin or site, clink "pin it" or in this case "re-pin" and add it to your board.

So why pin??? First, articles and information that you enjoy are instantly at your fingertips – all organized into subject boards. No more looking for that website or article you saved somewhere on your hard drive. Second, sharing! It is very likely that someone else with similar interests could really benefit on the information on your boards. Conversely, someone else may have pinned just the little nugget you have been surfing for! Third, it creates communities of folks interested in and sharing similar information. Finally, it is easy, visually engaging and HIGHLY addictive!

Sold? Now check out the Growing Kids Pinterest page for all kinds of information on language, behavior management, development, apps, yoga for kids with special needs, and more!

Here's a partial screen shot of my pins. You can view by all pins, by board or by individual pins!

Here are just a few other pages to get you started:

  • PediaStaff.  Prolific pinners of all things related to speech, language, OT, PT and activities for children.
  • All4mychild.  Lots of language, literacy and social skills.
  • Starfish Therapies.  A plethora of pins on every facet of child development.
  • Alessandra Gutierrez.  Here’s a board from my crafty and talented friend, Alessandra. Love her kids board!
  • Annabel Lowe Wrigley.  Another creative pal. Check out her ideas for crafts for kids.

Hooked? Now get a Pinterest page of your own! Pinterest has been so swamped that there is often a short wait to get your own page. Well worth the wait! Once you have your page, share it in the comments section of this blog so others can follow you! Find a board or pin that is a gem? Be sure to share that as well! Happy Pinning!


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