e-Pubs for the iPad!

I am so happy to introduce my first guest blogger!  Joshua Taylor is a special education teacher extraordinare!  I have gotten to know him as he is working with one of my high school clients with autism!  Josh is a fantastic teacher who is constantly coming up with new ways to engage his students.  I was so impressed with the e-Pubs he and his students were creating that I asked him to share this information in the form of a guest blog!

If you’re looking for one of the best applications of the iPad for students, you may find that it’s not an “app” at all! Need a social story with video modeling embedded? Easy! Want to put a recording  of a student reading his or her writing? No problem. Interactive and engaging eBooks are easy to create on your own by using the ePub function of Pages (the word processing software for Mac). It’s incredibly motivating for students to produce written work that looks like a professionally-made eBook and can be shared with peers and others.

Some great uses for ePubs include:

-Student-written stories

-Research papers/presentations

-Social Stories (with embedded video modeling)

-Review of content area units


All of the tools and options that are available through iBooks and other eBook readers can be used with ePubs, including interactive Table of Contents, text readers, bookmarks, chapter links and linked notes. Using Apple’s ePub template, it’s easy to create your own interactive iBooks. It’s available at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4168.

Just type over the formatted text and the hard work is already done for you–the chapter  links and other formatting are already set up! Write your text, drag and drop your photos and video, and export as an ePub (Share>Export>ePub). Then just move the file to your iPad, iPhone or other device, and you’ll find it in your iBooks or other eBook reader.

After you’ve put it on the iPad, it’s there to read as often as you like, and since you’re the author, it can be shared with anyone you’d like.

Josh Taylor  is a second year SpEd teacher (fourth year in the classroom) at the Stratford Program (Arlington Public Schools) who loves finding creative ways to use technology to enable students to show their knowledge and ability. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Virginia, where he is pursuing a Master’s in Special Education.


3 thoughts on “e-Pubs for the iPad!

  1. As special educators we must remain at the forefront of the tech game. In order to meet students where they are, and keep educational vision fresh, blogs like this become essential. Keep up the good work Josh and Growing kids. A luta continua- the struggle continues in educating our kids and the educators who teach them! SlickFish Education and Therapy is currently working on assistive technologies to use in conjunction with our saltwater fish tanks. We use the tanks to teach, inspire and to provide therapy. Thanks Growing Kids for keeping us in the loop.

  2. Thanks, Josh, for the tutorial!
    All these apps and program s are great. The biggest hurdle for us is increasing communicative intent and spontaneous communication. we need an app that rewards the student for speaking. Sentence Builder rewards student to selecting the right answer. Rosetta Stone comes close but reuqires perfect diction – which we don’t have. Thanks, EV. I amhappy to be in your orbit.

    • Bertra,
      Thank you for your comments! It is such a pleasure to feature a great special educator like Josh who is one of the many out there thinking of new and innovative ways to educate our children! I look forward as more creative minds find new ways to encourage language development!

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